About us

About the company:
The company was founded in 1945 by joining the then craftsmen – graphic designers. Today, Pismorad is organized as a modern joint – stock company which encompasses in total, 40 employees. The main activity of the company is the manufacture and installation of vertical and horizontal traffic signalizations where Pismorad has been recognised as a leading company on the Country’s territory.

In addition to the core business, the company is also engaged in developing the other forms of visual signalization, such as tourist and informational signs, commercial program (branding), vehicle graphics and others.

The company has approximately 70 employees who are also major shareholders by which we provide and maintain a high level of motivation and professionalism. We also continuously training our employees through seminars, courses and by ensuring of their presence at various trade fairs, what allows them a high degree of expertise and the ability to answer to the most demanding applications.

Our vision:
To maintain a lead position as a manufacturer of road and other visual signalization in Croatia, and also in other regions, but also to increase the export of our products and services on the EU territory.

When taking into account the quality of our products and services, we are setting standards to the satisfaction of our customers and business partners. Beside the efficient management of human resources who are our greatest strength, we’ve achieved the company’s development as a property among ours, predominantly work class.

The basic policy of our company, which gives us an edge over the competition, is the certified quality of our products and services, in line with the highest current standards.